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5 Foods for Fighting Inflammation Naturally

Have you ever struggled with inflammation in your joints? Did the doctor give you a drug that was supposed to help reduce the swelling? You might be surprised to know that there are a number of different foods available today that can help to fight off inflammation. Check out five of these foods below to see how you can take control of your health.

This unrefined oil contains a substance interfering with two enzymes that are involved with inflammation. Back in 2005, a study was conducted that discussed how this substance was able to inhibit the inflammation in the body in a manner similar to that of ibuprofen. Just about everywhere you turn, people will tell you about using extra-virgin olive oil when cooking. This tasty alternative is healthier for you and tastes great.

Red wine has resveratrol in it, which has both anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Scientists believe that this compound can help to explain why the French, who consume red wine with almost every meal, are able to consume a diet that is loaded with saturated fats, while still having a healthy heart and arteries.

Most of the time, any beverage that is loaded with water is going to have anti-inflammatory properties in it. Tea is one of the best choices for those looking for a tasty beverage, loaded with benefits. Green tea, white tea and oolong are all loaded with antioxidant compounds that help with reducing inflammation and plaque in the arteries. Tea is also said to reduce diabetes, cancer and heart disease. For an all in one drink, this is one of the best choices for you.

When eating beef, you have to make sure you consume only beef that came from grass-fed cows. If not, you are going to eat meat that came from cows that were fed diets of grain and corn to help fatten them up. Grain and corn are loaded with omega-6 acids, which are said to increase inflammation. By eating meat that came from grass-fed cows, you are going to get a leaner meat that is loaded with healthy compounds such as Vitamin E, fatty acids and omega-3s. Beyond being better for your overall health, the meat also tastes better.

On your trip to the grocery store or local pharmacy, you have probably seen all of the fish oil supplements they have available for purchase. Instead of taking these supplements, you can reap the benefits by going right to the source and eating some tasty fish. Oily fish like salmon, tune and sardines are packed with all of the fatty oils needed to help boost your health. These fish have a ton of fatty oils spread through their juicy fillets. If you eat a serving or two of fish every week, you can help to reduce inflammation significantly. Enjoy a tasty treat, while helping to keep any swelling at bay. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Can Your Mobile Phone Give You Brain Cancer?

Today, the mobile phone is an integral component to our everyday lives. Everywhere you go, you see someone either talking on their phone, texting, surfing the Web, playing games and so on. It seems like the list never ends when it comes to all of the things you can do with your cell phone. For some people, they can’t go anywhere without their phone attached to their hip. It literally is their lifeline.

Recently, a study in France unleashed a report that indicated using your cell phone excessively could wind up causing you a number of health problems. If you use your mobile phone for longer than a half-hour throughout one day over a five-year timeframe, you are tripling your risk of developing a variety of different forms of brain cancer. In reality, most people are on their phones for far longer than just a half hour per day.

The amount of time that you spend talking on the phone correlates to the amount of danger it can cause. If you were to use your phone for longer than 15 hours during the month, you have a two to three times higher risk of getting meningioma and glioma than others who aren’t on their phones. These two types of brain tumors are the most common in adults today.

What was the study all about?

At the University of Bordeaux, French scientists conducted a study regarding the link between cell phones and cancer. For the study, the scientists compared 194 individuals who had meningioma and 253 individuals with glioma to 892 individuals who were healthy. It was because of this comparison that they were able to draw the conclusion relating to using your cell phone on a daily basis.

Essentially, those individuals who spent time talking on their cell phones for hours on end over the course of several years were 2.57 times as likely to wind up with meningioma and 2.89 times as likely to wind up with glioma versus their counterparts that don’t use cell phones. Those who spent more than 15 hours in the month on their phones for two years on up to 10 years were at the highest risk of developing these tumors. On average, the amount of time considered to be excessive use in this study was longer than five years.

The scientists also reported that those who work in the office of the business and spend hours on their phone as part of their jobs fall into the high-risk group as well. Back in 2011, a study warned that the frequency waves used to power the cell phones are listed as carcinogenic. While some believe there isn’t an issue with using your cell phone all the time, others try to refrain from using them any more than what they need to. Don’t spend time playing roulette with your health. If you don’t have to use your phone don’t; your life is far more important than a play thing.

The 5 Most Pervasive GMO Foods In The USA

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what GMOs are. They are genetically modified organisms. They are an especially hot topic right now, but people have been fighting for our right to know if food has been genetically modified for decades already. Unfortunately, the fight is still going strong. So strong in fact that Monsanto might be suing the entire state of Vermont for recently taking action to require that genetically modified food is labeled as such. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons why a huge company like that is willing to fight so hard for secrecy in GMO-labeling is because there are an unbelievable amount of genetically modified foods and ingredients on the market.

Until we achieve full disclosure from food manufacturers, we should try buy as much local and organic produce as possible and try our best to get to know the farmers behind these products to ensure that they haven’t been genetically modified (and that they don’t come from genetically modified seeds). The Organic Trade Association prohibits GMOs, but only foods that have the “Certified Organic” label have been held to this standard. However, it’s difficult to procure 100% of our food this way, so it’s useful to know the top genetically modified foods in the USA – foods that you have to go out of your way to find without genetic modification.


Soy is one of the most commonly used food products in our country and it is also genetically modified most of the time. As of 2007, 91% of soy has been genetically modified. I do enjoy eating soy, but I have to go out of my way to find non-GMO soy.


Much like soy, most corn has been genetically modified. While the Non-GMO Project (look for the label) doesn’t guarantee food has not been genetically modified, it does guarantee that the products with the label have been vetted and that an overwhelming majority of the ingredients in any given food product have not been genetically modified. According to the Non-GMO Project, a 100% GMO-free label at this point from any food manufacturer would be misleading. You can find a list of Non-GMO Project-approved corn foods here:


You might love your canola oil, but 90% of all canola in the USA is genetically modified these days.


Cutting down on your sugar is a good idea regardless of GMO status. According to the American Heart Association, women should get no more than 25g of added sugar per day and men should get no more than 37.5g of added sugar per day. To put these numbers in perspective, a 12-ounce can of Coke has 35g of added sugar. But over-consumption and addiction aren’t the only issues with modern sugar. When a product lists sugar as an ingredient (opposed to pure cane sugar, for instance), there’s a good chance that the sugar is actually a combination of sugar cane sugar and sugar beets sugar and 90% of sugar beets in the USA are genetically modified – a number that is expected to rise.


Most of the zucchini you see in the produce aisle of a grocery store has been genetically modified. It has been engineered to resist certain viruses and it is among the most common genetically modified foods in the USA.

A Simple Plan For Researching Resources

Common Health Problems That Men and Women are Prone to Have If people are not healthy, then their lives are missing much of what it is supposed to be. At present, the reason for the easy lifestyle most of us live is a result of technology entering our lifestyles. Because of these innovations, we can now fulfill our jobs even in the comforts of our homes. There is less mobility for those who through technology have found a way to earn their subsistence without leaving home.

Then to add to this, the availability of vehicles to help us go to and from anywhere to get our needs, there is nothing that requires hard work and suffering. A life of ease can sometimes lead to health problems instead of a healthy lifestyle. With this easy lifestyle, common health issues are faced by men and women of today and some of them are discussed below. Obesity is one bitter health problem that a lot of people suffer from.

Obesity is a chronic disease that many people throughout the world are suffering from. In many countries around the world, both men and women suffer from obesity. It is only natural that obesity can lead to other health issues like high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and others. The resultant depression from being obese is suffered more by women than by men. Men can have skin problems, but it is mostly the women who are mostly affected by this. The different skin problems that a woman faces are whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, moles, skin spots, etc. Dermatologists are greatly sought after by women to treat their skin problems.

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A lot of women nowadays are suffering from breast cancer. Because of the number of women suffering from this type of cancer we can say that it has become the most common health issue that women are facing today. Breast cancer has many causes ranging from heredity, lifestyle, hormones, etc. With the numerous cases of breast cancer in women today, specialists are aggressively giving advice to women on how to properly care for their breasts.

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One health issue that is more common to men is the issue of hair loss. Causes of hair loss vary among men. With this hair loss problem now commonly seen among men, hair loss experts and surgeons are getting more consultations on how this hair loss problem can be dealt with. Many common health issues of the present can be attributed to the kind of lifestyle that one is living. The common health issues that were discussed above had something to do with obesity, skin problems, breast cancer and hair loss problems. However, the good news is that there are cures or solutions to these health issues available to these men and women as a result of modern scientific studies and modern technology.

The Art of Mastering Doctors

Reasons Why a Visit to Your Gynecologist Is Important So many things are dependent of the organs of a female. Here are some reasons why you should see a gynecologist, a doctor specializing in the female reproductive system. It is good to get yearly exam from a gynecologist to test the health of your reproductive area. A breast exam is also included in this yearly exam.

The reason for these exams is to help detect as early as possible, any issues such as cancer. If there is nothing wrong with your reproductive system then you need not worry about anything but to go through it again the following year. Wanting to have a baby badly can get you some good advice from your gynecologist. Tracking your ovulation days is the best way to determine the days when you can get pregnant, and this is one of the things that a gynecologist can help you with, and she can also give suggestions on possible devices to help you improve your chances of having a baby.

The gynecologist can also tell you if your reproductive system is healthy. A healthy reproductive system is essential if you want to have a healthy baby. If you are experiencing pain in your reproductive area, it is a sign of something wrong going on inside. See your gynecologist at once if you are experiencing this pain, whether it is just a minor one or a major one. Whether it is a serious problem or not, you should not ignore this pain. Sharp pains during your period are also a bad sign. Heavy bleeding or paralyzing pain should be consulted with a doctor at once.

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Women who do not want to get pregnant need to do something about it. Condoms can prevent pregnancy, but women seek to use pills which gynecologists can recommend to keep you from getting pregnant. Gynecologists are able to give you’re the right pills and dosage to keep you from getting pregnant until the time you are ready to have a baby.

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For people trying to have a baby, seeing a positive sign on a pregnancy test is something that can give you much joy. Women stand disbelieving that they are pregnant even if a pregnancy test confirms it. Visiting a gynecologist can help let your doubts be put to rest. A gynecologist can confirm your pregnancy so that you can have peace of mind. If you feel something strange going on in your body, do not hesitate to call on your gynecologist the moment you sense it. Knowing whether there is something wrong with our bodies or not is something for the gynecologist to determine. If you feel that you need to see a gynecologist if there are issues with your reproductive system, you can search online for one in your area.

Doing Doctors The Right Way

Why Women Should Visit a Gynecologist So many things are dependent of the organs of a female. If you are having issues with your female reproductive system, then it is best to go to one who specializes in this, a gynecologist. Women should concern themselves in taking care of their reproductive system and the best way to determine its health is by taking yearly exam from your gynecologist. A breast exam is also included in this yearly exam. These exams help women to know the state of their reproductive health and if there are any issues then they can deal with it as early as possible.

If there is nothing wrong with your reproductive system then you need not worry about anything but to go through it again the following year. Visiting a gynecologist is the best way to learn of ways on how you and your partner can have a baby fast. Tracking your ovulation days is the best way to determine the days when you can get pregnant, and this is one of the things that a gynecologist can help you with, and she can also give suggestions on possible devices to help you improve your chances of having a baby. The gynecologist can also tell you if your reproductive system is healthy. If you want to have a healthy baby, a healthy reproductive system is requisite to it.

If you have an ailment in your reproductive area, one sign is that you experience pain in that area. Visiting your gynecologist is the first thing you should do when you feel pain in your reproductive area, no matter how minor the pain is. Whether it is a serious problem or not, you should not ignore this pain. Sharp pains during your period are also a bad sign. Check with a gynecologist if there is unusual bleeding or sharp pains during your menstrual period.

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There are women who feels that they are not ready to get pregnant yet, and what they need to do is to protect themselves from it. Condoms can prevent pregnancy, but women seek to use pills which gynecologists can recommend to keep you from getting pregnant. The pills and dosage can be suggested by a gynecologist to ensure that you do not conceive when you are not yet ready.

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Couples wanting to have a baby can be overjoyed with a positive pregnancy test result. Women stand disbelieving that they are pregnant even if a pregnancy test confirms it. Visiting a gynecologist can help let your doubts be put to rest. Gynecologists are there to confirm your pregnancy, if you are in doubt about it. Women know their bodies well, and if there is something you feel that is not normal with it, you should immediately consult your gynecologist. With the gynecologist’s help you will know if you can ignore the feeling or if you need to do something about it. Locating the nearest gynecologist can be done online, if you feel that you need to visit one as soon as possible.

Five Verified Chest Workouts For Men

Of all of the unique muscles that are worked out at the gym routinely, the chest is possibly the one that most males invest the majority of time working on. The unfortunate factor is, many of them are operating it in such a way that they see some outcomes but not the quantity of outcomes that they could see if they worked effectively. Here are five unique chest exercises that you can use in order to build your pecs.

The initially, definitely, is the bench press. You want to do the bench press appropriately, nonetheless, in order to build the maximum quantity of muscle. Most guys tend to throw the weight around and they do get a little bit of momentum whenever they do so. If you are performing this, it would be better if you drop the weight a little bit that you are making use of and to control the lift, each on the negative and the positive.

A second factor that you can do in order to increase your bench press is to operate to failure rather of doing multiple sets. Make positive that you have a spotter in location in order to watch you whenever you’re performing this. By operating your chest muscles to failure with the bench press, you will give them an opportunity to grow considerably larger by the subsequent time you come in the health club. Just make confident that you give your self sufficient recuperation time just before hitting the weights again.

Believe it or not, you could be able to develop enormous chest muscles by doing deadlifts. While these do not work the chest muscles directly, they do signal the body that it is time to release chemicals that make muscles grow. These muscles are not restricted to the region that the deadlifts work, they enhance the muscle in every region of your body.

The fourth sort of physical exercise is incredibly similar to the similar principles that were discussed with the deadlift. I’m talking about undertaking squats, but you would want to alternate days which you did deadlifts with squats. If you do these routinely, it can make you look far better by adding further muscle and it will also assist your physique to add muscle to the chest as properly.

Lastly, when undertaking chest exercises for men, you may want to step outside of the boundaries of the normal benchpress and either do incline or decline presses on occasion. These support to hit other places of the chest and when completed routinely, they can give you a better rounded figure and one that you can be proud of. Just make sure that you do these workouts frequently sufficient that you were going to be able to see outcomes ahead of you move on to doing them in a diverse way. Although you may go back to the normal benchpress from time to time, hitting the muscles from other directions will give them an chance to grow that a common benchpress does not present for them.