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Daily Archives: April 1, 2020

5 Foods for Fighting Inflammation Naturally

Have you ever struggled with inflammation in your joints? Did the doctor give you a drug that was supposed to help reduce the swelling? You might be surprised to know that there are a number of different foods available today that can help to fight off inflammation. Check out five of these foods below to see how you can take control of your health.

This unrefined oil contains a substance interfering with two enzymes that are involved with inflammation. Back in 2005, a study was conducted that discussed how this substance was able to inhibit the inflammation in the body in a manner similar to that of ibuprofen. Just about everywhere you turn, people will tell you about using extra-virgin olive oil when cooking. This tasty alternative is healthier for you and tastes great.

Red wine has resveratrol in it, which has both anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Scientists believe that this compound can help to explain why the French, who consume red wine with almost every meal, are able to consume a diet that is loaded with saturated fats, while still having a healthy heart and arteries.

Most of the time, any beverage that is loaded with water is going to have anti-inflammatory properties in it. Tea is one of the best choices for those looking for a tasty beverage, loaded with benefits. Green tea, white tea and oolong are all loaded with antioxidant compounds that help with reducing inflammation and plaque in the arteries. Tea is also said to reduce diabetes, cancer and heart disease. For an all in one drink, this is one of the best choices for you.

When eating beef, you have to make sure you consume only beef that came from grass-fed cows. If not, you are going to eat meat that came from cows that were fed diets of grain and corn to help fatten them up. Grain and corn are loaded with omega-6 acids, which are said to increase inflammation. By eating meat that came from grass-fed cows, you are going to get a leaner meat that is loaded with healthy compounds such as Vitamin E, fatty acids and omega-3s. Beyond being better for your overall health, the meat also tastes better.

On your trip to the grocery store or local pharmacy, you have probably seen all of the fish oil supplements they have available for purchase. Instead of taking these supplements, you can reap the benefits by going right to the source and eating some tasty fish. Oily fish like salmon, tune and sardines are packed with all of the fatty oils needed to help boost your health. These fish have a ton of fatty oils spread through their juicy fillets. If you eat a serving or two of fish every week, you can help to reduce inflammation significantly. Enjoy a tasty treat, while helping to keep any swelling at bay. It doesn’t get any easier than that.