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Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Chemistry Of Muscle Building

So today I want to talk about the biochemistry of muscle building, i.e. how your body reacts to training and dieting, what makes the muscles grow and the fat to trim down.

“Muscle Growth” Hormones

For your muscles to grow your body must produce certain hormones in order to stimulate the growth. The three “muscle growth” hormones are testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) that all work together.

You know how important testosterone is in male body, but it’s as much as important in females too when it comes to muscle growth, albeit it is in significantly lower levels. When working out and making your diet you have to take into account how the levels of these hormones are influenced in your body.

Testosterone can be boosted by the way you workout and by your diet in the following ways.

High intensity training and strength training increases the level of testosterone in your body. So you should make your workouts shorter and increase the weights while lowering the number of repetitions. Long non-intense workouts can actually have a negative impact.

Lower body fat also influences testosterone level in a positive way. So be generous when you do your cuts.

When it comes to nutrition, that’s where you can do really well as far as testosterone goes. Having more zinc and vitamin D in your diet will help you with that, as well as eating more healthy saturated fats. So include more fish and dairy (if you’re lactose tolerant) in your diet. And finally, and I should not have to say this, avoid sugar because killing testosterone level is only one of the bad things that it does to your body.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is hard to affect. It’s most active during puberty and really comes down as you age (about 14% per 10 years after it plateaus in your 20s). But you still have it and its production is the highest when you rest and especially when you sleep (tops an hour in after you fall asleep). That’s why the importance of sleep is so big.

High intensity training is also known to boost the production of HGH in your body just as testosterone. In dieting, any foods rich in amino acids, i.e. high protein foods like meat and dairy will help too. There are, of course, amino acid supplements to help you as well.

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), the third hormone we’re interested in is boosted in a similar way by intense exercising and strength training as well as high protein food and healthy fat choices in your diet. High carb intake results in lower IGF-1 level so you have to watch out for eating too much of that.

As a general recommendation, eat 0.5 grams of healthy fats per pound of your weight every day – foods such as salmon, nuts, eggs, olive oil, as well as dairy.


Hydration is crucial but that’s not all that water does for your muscle growth. Simply speaking, muscle growth processes are going on “under water”. That is, while the hormones stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein, it’s done along with transferring water to muscle cells from blood. That’s how you get the “pump” and you can see it as nutrients required to build muscle being distributed to them.

The adverse happens when water is being drawn from the muscles when you dehydrate. Therefore, staying hydrated is the most crucial thing there is.

Growth Happens When You Rest

When you train, you only break the muscles, stimulate them to grow, force your body to release the required chemicals. But the actual growth happens when you rest, not when you train. It’s important to understand that and not make the mistake of thinking that the more time you spend at the gym, the more your muscles grow. The opposite may be true if you train too long, not intensively enough or you don’t get enough of rest.

The Formula for Rapid Muscle Growth

Here’s what I recommend you do:

  • Make your workouts intense and short (up to 30 minutes)
  • Use heavier weights and lower reps
  • Eat more protein and less carbs
  • Eat enough healthy fats (0.5 grams per body weight pound as a general recommendation)
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Supplement with zinc and vitamin D
  • Rest enough and sleep alot

To what extent Does A Colon Cleanse Take To Work?

Colon cleansing is turning into a more well-known well-being custom among the individuals who try to legitimately benefit and keep up their bodies for most extreme medical advantages. This may sound like a notice for an auto body shop and in actuality, dealing with the human body is much the same. Giving the correct fuel, guaranteeing that the fuel is appropriately prepared, and cleaning the gunk out of the digestive framework in place for waste items to effectively retreat the body serves to keep things running all the more easily from an organic viewpoint. There are a few distinctive approaches to accomplish a colon purify including the douche based methodology and the all the more as of late well known system for taking supplements that contain regular fixings that get the procedure going.

To what extent does it take for a colon rinse to work?

The consequences of colon purging start inside a couple of hours, yet it typically takes somewhere around one and two months to attain the ideal results from colon purifying. You’ll recognize little changes promptly as the poisons are slowly expelled from your body. In the wake of taking the first supplements, for example, digestive playing point or advocare 10 day wash down to impel a colon purge, you’ll need access to restroom offices. Be arranged to use most of the day in this way as it can take a few hours for the first round of colon purifying.

At the point when the waste stores have ended up ousted, your body will keep on casting out them and this can take several weeks.

Colon purging serves to evacuate fecal matter and the poisons that are developed inside the intestinal track. There is 22 feet of digestive organ and this is the reason it can take a few sessions to effectively get out the old waste that has been gathering for a considerable length of time. Inside the initial two weeks, you may perceive that the old stores are simply starting to get out. The smell an appearance of the defecations may be diverse, however don’t be frightened as this is common. Keep in mind that you are dislodging materials that may have been put away for quite a while.

Common home grown supplements which contain just demonstrated safe fixings ought to be utilized for your colon purifying administration. The main purifying system is possible once a week securely for the first to two months. This is prescribed somewhere around 3 and 4 times each year to keep waste items and poisons from holding fast to the digestion tracts and developing.

What’s in store And When Results Become Noticeable?

You may feel debilitated from the get go. This is typical as your body starts to pass the harmful matter from your digestive tract. Cramping, bloating and sickness happen in some individuals, yet this ought to resolution inside a few days. Simply verify that you are taking the proposed measurements and not trying too hard. Rely on one to two weeks for fruitful evacuation of the dominant part of developed waste.

After the larger part of waste is casted out, you will progressively start to feel lighter with a more prominent feeling of prosperity and higher vitality levels. It is regular for the skin to tackle a healthier appearance and for muscle and joint torment to diminish or vanish. This is on the grounds that the over-burden of poisons that were once in the past tormenting your body is no more present.

Tips for Aiding the Colon Cleansing Process and Maximizing Health Benefits!

At the point when flushing poisons from the body it is basic that you keep your body hydrated. Drink a lot of clear water. This will help to furnish your digestive framework with the liquids important for moving the waste from your body. Likewise, it will help your cells to stay hydrated and this is especially critical for significant organs of the body to capacity appropriately and for the support of great skin well-being. See colon health for all Colon Health details.

Colon purging is a process that normally takes between one to two weeks to relax the dominant part of waste and poison develop. Inside two months of week after week purifying, the body will be healthier and you ought to see detectable results. A more prominent feeling of prosperity alongside the inclination of being more energized and lighter is basic. States of mind can enhance and a throbbing painfulness that may have been available for a considerable length of time could vanish. The whole process for attaining ideal results goes between one to two months, contingent on the individual and the amount of waste has developed in the framework.

7 Tips For Improving Your Focus

The ability to switch your brain into the desired gear and truly focus on a task at hand is an important one. As our minds become more and more swamped by the overstimulation embedded in this modern digital culture, concentration is often negotiated. The number of Americans with ADD (or ADHD) might be as high as 10%, but environmental factors that impact our ability to focus affect all of us. Without honed focus skills, the brain is chaotic; it is a machine running without a mission. Our ability to meditate, accomplish our goals, and live peacefully is largely dependent on how well we can focus when we need to. If you’d like to improve your overall quality of life, begin incorporating these tips for better focus into your daily routine today.

1. Exercise. Exercise has been proven to enhance focus, even in people who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Physical movement is thought to release chemicals into the brain that impact our ability to learn and remember.

2. Stay Offline When You Wake Up And Before Bed. Taking time away from the computer, specifically email, has been shown to improve focus. A good rule of thumb is to stay off of the computer (and yes, this includes your smartphone) for the first hour and the last hour of your day.

3. Stay Hydrated. Research has shown that even a small amount of dehydration can affect our ability to pay attention. You might not necessarily become thirsty when you are only slightly dehydrated, so be sure to drink water regularly throughout your day as a part of your routine.

4. Sleep Enough. A lack of delta sleep can often cause problems with focus. If you aren’t sleeping at least seven hours a night regularly, you are probably not getting the kind of delta sleep you need. Researchers recommend getting an average of seven to nine hours of sleep a night for optimal focus.

5. Streamline Your Tasks. Whether you keep appointment reminders and to-do lists on paper or digitally, put them all in one place. Create a method that will show you the time for your morning meeting, remind you to pick up wine for your date, and keep you on track with doctor appointments all at once. If you keep your professional and personal task lists separate, you are setting yourself up for hampered concentration.

6. Meditate. Meditation is pointed mindfulness and the more you meditate, the better you get at harnessing your own mindfulness. Meditation teaches us how to listen and focus and meditating regularly can help us to practice focus and mindfulness more efficiently when not meditating.

7. Take A Closer Look At Your Goals. One of the reasons people lose their ability to focus so quickly is because they are overwhelmed by the size of the projects they have to do. Instead of putting a large task on your daily to-do list, like “write novel,” break your big tasks into the smallest portions possible and address your big tasks one small issue at a time. “Write novel” is too intimidating of a task to have on any to-do list. “Set up interview” or “research town history” are much more approachable small tasks that are involved in writing a novel. Approach all of your big tasks this way.

5 Foods for Fighting Inflammation Naturally

Have you ever struggled with inflammation in your joints? Did the doctor give you a drug that was supposed to help reduce the swelling? You might be surprised to know that there are a number of different foods available today that can help to fight off inflammation. Check out five of these foods below to see how you can take control of your health.

This unrefined oil contains a substance interfering with two enzymes that are involved with inflammation. Back in 2005, a study was conducted that discussed how this substance was able to inhibit the inflammation in the body in a manner similar to that of ibuprofen. Just about everywhere you turn, people will tell you about using extra-virgin olive oil when cooking. This tasty alternative is healthier for you and tastes great.

Red wine has resveratrol in it, which has both anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Scientists believe that this compound can help to explain why the French, who consume red wine with almost every meal, are able to consume a diet that is loaded with saturated fats, while still having a healthy heart and arteries.

Most of the time, any beverage that is loaded with water is going to have anti-inflammatory properties in it. Tea is one of the best choices for those looking for a tasty beverage, loaded with benefits. Green tea, white tea and oolong are all loaded with antioxidant compounds that help with reducing inflammation and plaque in the arteries. Tea is also said to reduce diabetes, cancer and heart disease. For an all in one drink, this is one of the best choices for you.

When eating beef, you have to make sure you consume only beef that came from grass-fed cows. If not, you are going to eat meat that came from cows that were fed diets of grain and corn to help fatten them up. Grain and corn are loaded with omega-6 acids, which are said to increase inflammation. By eating meat that came from grass-fed cows, you are going to get a leaner meat that is loaded with healthy compounds such as Vitamin E, fatty acids and omega-3s. Beyond being better for your overall health, the meat also tastes better.

On your trip to the grocery store or local pharmacy, you have probably seen all of the fish oil supplements they have available for purchase. Instead of taking these supplements, you can reap the benefits by going right to the source and eating some tasty fish. Oily fish like salmon, tune and sardines are packed with all of the fatty oils needed to help boost your health. These fish have a ton of fatty oils spread through their juicy fillets. If you eat a serving or two of fish every week, you can help to reduce inflammation significantly. Enjoy a tasty treat, while helping to keep any swelling at bay. It doesn’t get any easier than that.